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"Our goal is to build long lasting partnerships."

Harshad Shah


Founded in 1980, Exim is the market's oldest cash buyer in the United States.  Its reputation revolves around the principal concept of PartnerShip.  Its trading partners are all involved in lifelong relationships and not single transactions. Its database of partners include Fortune 100 corporations that rely on its professional staff to provide unique cradle to grave solutions.  It is Exim's worldwide presence that allows it to support its partners.


Exim provides many out of the box solutions for any recyclable commodity generator. Generator waste includes: Ships, Ferrous Material, Non-Ferrous Material, Plastic, and Cardboard.

Exim’s ability to be a one stop shop for all recyclable material has allowed it to support several manufacturers with international locations.  In addition, Exim’s ability to provide formula pricing has allowed generators to ship material with a piece of mind knowing there is a transparent pricing structure.

Partner with Exim and see the professional attitude it brings to the recycling industry!

About Exim Inc.

A Company Built on Values, Tradition, & Honesty


The Market's Oldest Cash Buyer of Ships for Recycling

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Business Segments

More than your average scrap company!

Cash Buying

Exim provides full service ship recycling solutions and has one of the most experienced teams in the industry.  To date, Exim has purchased over 250 vessels.  Exim's experienced team is the one stop shop for your obsolete maritime asset.  Exim will coordinate the purchase of your vessel, as is where is, and recycle your asset in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Metal Brokerage

Exim has an experienced team of metal brokers.  Exim specializes in recycling ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.  As a owner operator of scrap companies, Exim provides scrap solutions, yielding yard owners the highest return for their commodities. 


Exim has been an active force in the scrap metal industry for nearly four decades.  Its experience has allowed it to provide consulting services.  Consulting services include, but are not limited, to the following: valuation services, accounting services, business proposals for financing, bankruptcy reorganization, etc.  Exim's consulting team has had years of experience and can help your company become more efficient.

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Scrap Management

Exim provides full service scrap management programs for manufacturers.  Exim has a team of experienced buyers that are able to integrate a scrap management plan at some of the largest plants in North America within 30 days.  Exim provides transparent formula pricing, as well as any equipment to help yield manufacturers the most amount for their scrap metal, cardboard, and plastics.  Exim's bilingual team can speak English and Spanish, and today have converted over 250 industrial accounts in North America.  Call Exim today for a free consultation, and pick our brain on how to achieve the highest price for your scrap.


Exim provides financing solutions to many scrap metal operators.  Exim realizes that cash flow issues arise as scrap prices increase and payment terms are extended.  Exim can provide several solutions to help increase a company's cash flow which will allow scrap metal operators to increase its bottom line.  With an in house CPA, attorney, and environmental, safety, and health director, Exim can help you with your cash flow management. 

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